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IceShield™ is quite unlike any other system on the market today.
Not only does it vastly exceed the weight loading capabilities of any other system but is the only system that effectively allows for expansion and contraction. This is critical on an ice cover that has to perform on contrasting temperature extremes between its top and bottom surfaces. IceShield™ has a safe and uniform performance.
The system is manufactured from a special plastic compound which increases the friction coefficient of its surface and has the benefit of being a single panel surface.  These two factors are critical in providing a safe surface for general admission events and reducing the potential of any legal action from fallen patrons or workers. In addition IceShield™ can withstand 44 tone truck manoeuvres, greatly reducing event build up times.
While the upfront investment in IceShield™ may be higher than other systems, the long term return and greater flexibility of uses is also far greater as demonstrated in the attached details.
Not only will IceShield™ have a longer lifespan, it will increase the number of opportunities for revenue generating events at your facility compared to any other system.

 The best flooring system for Ice Ever 

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